January 2019: Do you know a child who loves jigsaws? Check out this range of Bible Stories for Little Hands by Lois Rock: each page includes a simple 4 piece jigsaw, with one spot the difference between the jigsaw and the picture underneath! Perfect for under 5’s with busy hands and inquisitive minds. Share the whole book or just one page and enjoy the fun, bright illustrations and simple text together.  





February 2019: Help your child to talk about their feelings with this super book on emotions! ‘In My Heart’ by Jo Witek and Christine Roussey is a brilliant way to bring awareness to your child of what may be going on inside them and could enable them to begin to verbalise and recognise their feelings. While this is not a ‘christian’ book, it is a fantastic resource for discussion and sharing time with a child or group of children. Use as a launchpad to help you lead a child into inviting Jesus into their feelings, for help with anything troubling them and for seeking more of his love, joy and peace to fill their heart.    




March 2019: Check out the next zany book by Nick Jackson and Baz Sellers!

‘Personal Best’ is out now and available from powerpackministries.co.uk

Full of hilariously detailed illustrations, ‘Personal Best’ takes you on a fast-paced journey with Asha as she seeks to be the best athlete she can be with Coach right by her side through the ups and the downs! A fantastic book to get your child thinking about the choices they make each day and how to get free, stay free and persevere!












April 2019: Get ready for Easter with this beautiful book written by Glenys Nellist and delicately illustrated by Sophie Allsopp

‘Easter Love Letters from God’ contains seven stories from Holy Week beginning with Jesus’ ride into Jerusalem and ending with the wonderful resurrection account. Each story is sensitively and creatively written to help children understand and experience Jesus’ heart of love for them. The added bible verse ‘God’s wonderful words to you’ and the precious lift-the-flap letter in each story add a lovely personal touch to connect the reader to God!



Highly recommended! Plus there’s a free Easter Activity Pack available from the author here! 


May 2019: Here’s another wonderful book to explore from the fantastic team of Sally Lloyd-Jones and Jago.

‘Loved: The Lord’s Prayer’ introduces very young children to the reality of Daddy God’s love for them in the everyday. As a group of children explore the natural world around them, Sally’s version of The Lord’s Prayer brings God’s words of truth, peace and hope to life.




July 2019: This month get exploring with the ‘I spy Bible’ by Julia Stone and Samantha Meredith! Its brightly coloured illustrations will delight any pre-schooler, with the added experience of finding exciting things on each page. Each of the eleven stories is simply written, honing in on the essence of the bible account, covering creation, Noah, David and Goliath through to Jesus’ birth, key stories he told and a couple Easter accounts.

Perfect for an inquisitive child!




August and September 2019: Get lost in the beauty and delight of ‘Let There be Light’ written by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and illustrated by Nancy Tillman.

This book re-imagines the creation account from Genesis with stunning, immersive art that draws you into each page – look closely as there is more to each illustration than you may realise. Tutu’s lyrical text communicates that God is full of love, delight and joy in his creation, of which we are very much a part! Enjoy with both younger and older children as a launchpad to imagining where you are in God’s creation and what wonderful thoughts he is thinking about you right now!

Certainly a book to treasure and read over and over.




October 2019: I discovered Rachel Rivett’s book ‘I Imagine’ a few years ago and have been using it with under 5’s with great success so I went hunting for more from her!

‘Little Grey and the Great Mystery’ needed a little searching for and in the end I bought it second hand, but it was more than worth the effort.

It is full of ‘wonderings’ about the ‘Great Mystery from where we all came from’ as Little Grey, the squirrel, goes on a journey of discovery to find answers to her questions about life itself.  The text gives plenty of space for the reader and listener to consider the various responses to Little Grey as she asks those around her for their thoughts and experiences. It creates an opportunity for you and your child to hopefully have wonderings of your own about the incredible world around you. Dubravka Kolanovic’s delicate, soft illustrations create a lovely atmosphere of safety and peace to explore and question.  Perfect for ages 5-7.



November 2019: the first of this month is All Saints Day so I’m sharing a beautifully written book on that subject: ‘Stories of the Saints’ by Margaret McAllister, with delicate illustrations by Alida Massari. There are twelve accounts of the inspirational lives of men and women who chose to follow Jesus, often in the face of great hardship and opposition.

Starting with Peter and Paul in the New Testament and touching on Saints Patrick, Teresa, Bernadette and more, the author writes about the bravery, failings and hopes in their everyday lives in a clear way that draws you into their stories. You will be transported back to the times they lived in, building a connection with these fathers and mothers of the faith and realising they were ordinary people, just like us who said YES to God.

One wonderful find in this book was the account of St Ignatius who kind of fell into friendship with God, through reading books on Jesus and the saints! His imagination was ignited with doing great exploits for God and he began to use it to meet with Jesus, just like Adventure Times! What a legacy he has had.

A treasure of a book suitable for ages 4-7!




December 2019: Are you looking for a Christmas book with a bit more to it than the nativity story? Then look no further than The Christmas Story by J. John, with bright, engaging illustrations by Morena Forza. This is very reasonably priced, aimed at ages 3-5, but you could certainly use it with KS 1 children too.

J. John uses wonderfully clear and easy to understand language to explain the first Christmas, taking you on a journey from the garden of Eden to Bethlehem, meeting Abraham, David and John the Baptist on the way.  The book contains a remarkable amount of detail but it is communicated in such a child friendly and entertaining way that it is easy to read and engage with.

The message of God as the rescuer rings loud and there is a prayer response at the very end to invite a child into friendship with Jesus.

A great addition to the Christmas library that could also be read regularly during the year to share the good news of Jesus!