January: ‘Little Mole Finds Hope’ by Glenys Nellist and cleverly illustrated by Sarah Garland is the perfect book for a cold, winter’s day! It’s the sweet story of a small mole and his Mama and their search for the meaning of hope in a seemingly dark, wintry time.

This book could be so helpful in this current difficult season by bringing understanding and meaning to what hope actually is. When we first meet Little Mole he is feeling sad but he doesn’t know why. His Mama’s empathy and kindness is lovely and sets the scene for the exploration and discovery of hope. There are some fantastic ideas at the end of the book on ways to interact and empathise with your child, to bring hope into the everyday.

The delicate illustrations add to the promise of light in the darkness and show that the way we look at things is so important. A lovely story of kindness, compassion and of course hope!

A perfect conversation starter for sharing emotions with your child. Brilliant for 4 – 7 year olds

Glenys Nellist has written many excellent books for children. She has a wonderful talent for communicating profound truths to the young and enabling them to engage with God in a personal way. I highly recommend checking out her other books and her website here.

Looking for hope…