January: ‘Little Mole Finds Hope’ by Glenys Nellist and cleverly illustrated by Sarah Garland is the perfect book for a cold, winter’s day! It’s the sweet story of a small mole and his Mama and their search for the meaning of hope in a seemingly dark, wintry time.

This book could be so helpful in this current difficult season by bringing understanding and meaning to what hope actually is. When we first meet Little Mole he is feeling sad but he doesn’t know why. His Mama’s empathy and kindness is lovely and sets the scene for the exploration and discovery of hope. There are some fantastic ideas at the end of the book on ways to interact and empathise with your child, to bring hope into the everyday.

The delicate illustrations add to the promise of light in the darkness and show that the way we look at things is so important. A lovely story of kindness, compassion and of course hope!

A perfect conversation starter for sharing emotions with your child. Brilliant for 4 – 7 year olds

Glenys Nellist has written many excellent books for children. She has a wonderful talent for communicating profound truths to the young and enabling them to engage with God in a personal way. I highly recommend checking out her other books and her website here.

Looking for hope…

February: I’ve gone for something for older ones this month! I came across this brand new teenagers devotional as it came out at the end of last year! Apply Bible has 52 devotions, each based on a bible verse that can be explored through 9 ways.

It’s a lovely big book, printed on high quality paper with bright and interesting designs on each page. There’s plenty to muse over, explore, discover and question; perfect for drawing a pre-teen or teenager deeper into God’s word.

A great way to kickstart or re-engage a young person’s bible exploration!

Find them on Instagram and check out examples of their devotions here!

Delve deeper into God’s word!

March: This month’s gem is a brand new book from the brilliant team that is Sally Lloyd-Jones and Jago! Near is a wonderful board book inspired by Psalm 139. Go on a journey of discovery through mountains, space, the sea and much more to answer the big question of whether God goes too!

Each page of this chunky book has bright, engaging illustrations to partner with the beautifully written communcation of God’s ever present love. Sure to become a firm favourite on your bookshelf! Find out more about Sally Lloyd-Jones here! I highly recommend signing up for her emails that are packed with encouragement and plenty of freebies!

Perfect exploration for 0-4’s

Discovery time!

April: This month I’m recommending my book: Adventure Times Booklet for Parents! It’s a quick, easy read all about a wonderful prayer tool called an Adventure Time, which enables children to encounter Jesus in fun, exciting and meaningful ways using their imaginations!

Are you looking for opportunities to help children develop a vibrant ongoing relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Try Adventure Times and be amazed at the journey of faith, adventure, love… your child, and yourself, will embark on.

This booklet includes the biblical basis behind Adventure Times, a step by step guide to getting started as well as lots of practical ideas and encouraging testimonies. It is designed for a busy parent to read, understand and use in their everyday lives with their children. It is also easily adaptable for children’s leaders with a special appendix on using it within a church context. Give it a try today!

booklet cover design. Hot air balloon.
Take off with Jesus!

May: Discover the Lord’s Prayer Cube by Craig Cameron this month! It’s a tactile, fun and interactive way to explore this brilliant prayer of Jesus. Your child will love flipping through the cube as each face opens out to reveal the next part of the prayer. The cube faces contain a thoughtful illustration and brief explanation to go with the relevant section of the prayer and the full prayer is printed on the back.

Use to help you pray, wonder and explore what it means to praise God, make our needs known to Him, forgive others and follow Jesus.

A great way to introduce these powerful words of Jesus to your child or when exploring this prayer within a children’s ministry setting. Perfect for children aged 4-8.

Prayer cube in box and opened out
Tactile Prayer Times!

June: Seek and Find Old Testament Bible Stories by Sarah Parker, illustrated by Andre Parker is this month’s gem! Each of the eight bible stories is across a two page spread in this big chunky board book. As the title suggests there’s plenty to search for in this book with over fifty things to find in each illustration. The pictures are bright and interesting, with fun character expressions and quirky creatures! Guaranteed to while away hours in seeking and finding whilst discovering truths from God’s word.

There’s an activity book to go with it and a New Testament Seek and Find book coming soon in November.

Great for 2 – 7 years olds at a very reasonable price!

seek and find cover
Hide and seek hilarity!