Holy Spirit’s Nudges

Holy Spirit is wonderful! He totally loves us, He likes us, He wants to be with us, He speaks to us like a friend. How do you hear Him best? Is it a thought, a ‘movie’ in your head, a memory, a bible bit, something you keep seeing or hearing multiple times or a gentle nudge?

Recently I’ve been seeking to lean into those Holy Spirit nudges. For me this feels like a friendly suggestion popping into my head or heart such as ‘take your umbrella’, ‘message that person’, ‘turn off the heating’, ‘read this bible verse’, ‘listen to this song’, ‘check the milk level in the fridge’, ‘spend time with Me’…

Everytime I take note, listen, lean in and choose to obey I get blessed and my connection level with the Godhead deepens. And when I ignore it or miss it Holy Spirit is so kind and patient to help me learn from my mistakes and remind me that He really is that close to me and that I really can hear Him that easily.

John 14:26 (NCV)

Jesus said “the Helper will teach you everything and will cause you to remember all that I told you. This Helper is the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name.”

I love this verse so much. It contains the Godhead: Father, Son and Spirit. It promises ongoing connection, being reminded of Jesus’ words, being taught and helped, been seen by a loving Father who knows what we need and so much more…

What does the Helper want to teach or remind you of today?

I encourage you to take a moment now out of your busy day. Still your heart and mind. Breathe in deeply a few times. Seek Holy Spirit’s voice, impressions, nudges, whispers… how you best hear Him.

  • What is He showing you?
  • What is He saying?
  • What is He doing?
  • What is on His heart for you today?
  • How is He feeling about you?
  • What is important to Him?

Take time to listen and respond… Let a conversation develop or simply rest in Holy Spirit’s presence…

The more you listen, the more you’ll recognise the way He speaks to you, the more you’ll hear, see and sense and the more your friendship with grow. Take the child in your life on this journey too and get ready for incredible insights, deepened love for God and others and exciting adventures to come!

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Take note of those gentle Holy Spirit nudges

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