January: Get the new year off to a great start with this nearly brand new book! Seek and Find New Testament Bible Stories is a fantastic feast for the eyes. The child in your life will love poring over each page in the eight stories, seeking out the suggested things to find. Every illustration is packed with vibrant characters and the energy of the story so there’s plenty to giggle, wonder and chat about too.

Sarah Parker manages to pack the vital essence of each bible account into a few choice words that convey key truths about Jesus. Read to your preschooler or encourage your emerging reader to read on their own.

Great for ages 2-7.

Cover of seek and find book
Hide and Seek fun!

February and March: Lent is here, as we prepare for Easter! This month’s book is Make Room A Child’s Guide to Lent and Easter. It is a lovely introduction to the season, and will help you to communicate key truths about this time and also consider possible practices and the meaning behind them to your child or group.

The book has four sections: Making Time, Making Space, Making Room and Holy Week. Each section begins with Jesus; what he did, how he lived and who he is, and then moves onto ways we may prepare and celebrate today as followers of Jesus. This important, central season in the Christian year is described in clear, easy to understand language with lovely, diverse illustrations.

A definite spring board to wondering, exploring and hopefully beginning some meaningful new traditions for families.

Great for ages 5-11.

front cover of Make Room book
Make Room for Christ!

April: Here’s a brilliant Easter account book for little ones. Sensitively told and brilliantly and diversely illustrated! A Very Happy Easter by Tim Thornborough uses facial expressions to help tell the story. It will draw you and your child into the emotions of the main events in a meaningful way that is relevant to pre-schoolers and infants.

It is a useful, interactive resource for a pre-school session and toddler groups seeking to communicate the truth about Jesus’ death and resurrection to their families. A great gift to give away at this time of year.

Good for ages 0-4.

cover of A very Happy Easter
Experience the emotions of Easter