My name is Sarah Cornthwaite!

I am a parent of three children, trained as a teacher and have been involved in serving and leading children in churches, schools and summer camps for over 20 years. I’ve also been invited to speak at a variety of Children’s Leaders training days and conferences.

My heart is for children to encounter Jesus for themselves; to recognise his voice, grow confident in hearing, seeing and sensing him and to live from a place of being his best friend, knowing they are powerful and significant in God’s family.

My aim is for children to have their faith activated through a wide range of experiences so that they are set up for a lifetime of adventures with Jesus! I believe that children can be so empowered and released through regular ‘practice’ of hearing, knowing and sensing God that they do not need to go through an adult to meet with him. We, as the adults in their lives, are incredibly positioned by Jesus to encourage, validate and support them on their journey with him.

photo by smithimaging.co.uk

  They really can go far with him…

I can help you!

Are you a parent? Do you need input, ideas and support to activate your children into adventures with Jesus?

Are you a children’s leader? Do you want to reguarly see children encountering God and growing with him? Do you want to empower the leaders you lead or who are around you to grow in this area? Do you need resources and training?

Contact me: sarah@adventureswithjesus.co.uk

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Invite me to train leaders or children in different ways to encounter God! I can provide online training.

Examples of possible training sessions:

  • Adventure Times – biblical basis and how to use them as a tool to connect with Jesus
  • Encounter Training- teaching and practical tools to engage children in encountering Jesus as part of your children’s ministry
  • Encounter Fun sessions – interactive sessions for parents and children to experience Jesus together through play, exploration, wonder, prayer and more

Cost: I usually charge £50 an hour (plus expenses) for training to take into account my preparation time.  However I do not want finances to be a hindrance so do let me know what works best for your situation.

‘Sarah brings her experience, biblical basis, humility and passion to show how ministry to children is so important and can be fun, Spirit filled and Spirit led. She inspired us and we are already starting to see the fruit of what she imparted to us.’  Zara Gandon, St Andrew’s Church, Stoke on Trent