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July: ‘Children can you hear me?’ By Brad Jersak, illustrated by Ken Save

This fantastic book helps children to understand that Jesus is their best friend, that He is truly with them everyday, desiring to share in every single moment; the good, the bad and the ugly.

The bright, engaging illustrations fit perfectly with the text and will draw you and your child into Jesus’ wonderful heart of love, joy and kindness.

It is written as though Jesus is talking to the child, inviting them into friendship, fun and adventure. Each page includes a bible verse and explores different practical ways to connect with Jesus: to hear, see and feel Him. There are tools to deal with bad dreams and memories as well as keys to developing intimacy with God and how to grow in freedom and experience heavenly realities.

A vital resource for parents and children’s leaders seeking to help children deepen their relationship with Jesus. Guaranteed to become a favourite!

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