Book of the Month!

Sharing a thoughtfully written book with the child in your life is so precious, deepening your connection with them and with God!

Discover a recommended book each month for you to consider finding at the library or purchasing to add to your home collection.

December: Are you looking for a Christmas book with a bit more to it than the nativity story? Then look no further than The Christmas Story by J. John, with bright, engaging illustrations by Morena Forza. This is very reasonably priced, aimed at ages 3-5, but you could certainly use it with KS 1 children too.

J. John uses wonderfully clear and easy to understand language to explain the first Christmas, taking you on a journey from the garden of Eden to Bethlehem, meeting Abraham, David and John the Baptist on the way.  The book contains a remarkable amount of detail but it is communicated in such a child friendly and entertaining way that it is easy to read and engage with.

The message of God as the rescuer rings loud and there is a prayer response at the very end to invite a child into friendship with Jesus.

A great addition to the Christmas library that could also be read regularly during the year to share the good news of Jesus!


Bright and engaging. A good clear read!

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