Book of the Month!

Sharing a thoughtfully written book with the child in your life is so precious as it can deepen your connection with them and with God!

Discover a recommended book each month for you to consider finding at the library or purchasing to add to your home collection.

September: I discovered Rachel Rivett’s book ‘I Imagine’ a few years ago and have been using it with under 5’s with great success so I went hunting for more from her!

‘Little Grey and the Great Mystery’ needed a little searching for and in the end I bought it second hand, but it was more than worth the effort.

It is full of ‘wonderings’ about the ‘Great Mystery from where we all came from’ as Little Grey, the squirrel, goes on a journey of discovery to find answers to her questions about life itself.  The text gives plenty of space for the reader and listener to consider the various responses to Little Grey as she asks those around her for their thoughts and experiences. It creates an opportunity for you and your child to hopefully have wonderings of your own about the incredible world around you. Dubravka Kolanovic’s delicate, soft illustrations create a lovely atmosphere of safety and peace to explore and question.  Perfect for ages 5-7.


Get exploring and wondering with your child!