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Sharing a thoughtfully written book with the child in your life is so precious, deepening your connection with them and with God!

Discover a recommended book each month for you to consider finding at the library or purchasing to add to your home collection. Check out previous months’ books in the drop down menu!

January: Happy New Year! Are you looking to bring the bible into everyday life with your child? Are you wondering where to start? Why not start at the beginning at the start of this year?!

Try reading through a whole child’s bible a little bit each day, starting right at the beginning. You could incorporate this as an extra story at bedtime (what a treat!) or another time when your child likes to snuggle up to read with you. There are so many great bible storybooks out there for you to try. When you’ve finished one, why not start again with a different one? This will give your child a regular intake of the word as well as a wonderful overview of the bigger story of God’s plan. Be flexible to wonder, question, imagine and explore anything that grabs your child’s attention as you read together.

As your child grows you could encourage them to read to you every other time and then begin to read a standard bible together, or go through a book of the bible and share what jumps out at you or what you what to find out more about or what you feel Jesus is showing you and more…

Here are some tried and tested bibles to inspire you to get started…

A great one to start with. Very simple, short stories covering lots of key events and people.
Perfect for ages 1-4.
With more detail than the Candle Bible, but still clear, simple language this is a great start to bible reading.
Great for ages 3-6.
Containing some different accounts as well as familiar ones this beautiful bible has a mini devotion on each page too.
Wonderful for 2-6’s.
This bestseller has longer stories, which all point to Jesus! Absolutely wonderful to connect a child with the over arching story of God’s plan of love!
Brilliant for 4-11’s.
Exciting and engaging, this bible will introduce some different stories and characters to engage an older child.
Fabulous for 5-11’s.
This full bible uses clear, easy to understand language that will engage the listener and reader. A fabulous first ‘proper’ bible! Do support your child as they read and check they understand the context and where it fits in God’s great plan.
Great for ages 7-11.

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