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May: Here is Laura Alary’s newest book A Child’s Guide to Ascension, Pentecost and the Growing Time. Beautifully illustrated by Cathrin Peterslund.

I love the way Laura weaves vivid, poetic language and bible stories together to create a book of wondering, exploration and description. We discover these particular seasons in the church calendar from a child’s perspective. Real emotions of loss, fear, uncertainty and confusion are explored alongside a growing understanding of and encounter with the Spirit.

Through beautifully written accounts of the ascension of Christ, the infilling of the Spirit and Saul’s conversion we can discover what unites and connects us to Jesus and each other. The text enables us to consider different ways to allow the Spirit to work through our brokeness and questionings and for kindness, prayer and gratitude to grow.

Be taken on a journey of seasons and transformation and let the Spirit whisper to you!

A wonderful book to share with children aged 4-8. Plus you can download a free Discussion Guide.

book cover of Breathe
Breathe in and out to discover Ascension and Pentecost.

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