Book of the Month!

Children love books and so do I!

Especially a book that helps reveal more of Daddy God’s heart to a child!

How special to share a cosy moment with a favourite book and a chat about Jesus!

August: Get lost in the beauty and delight of ‘Let There be Light’ written by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and illustrated by Nancy Tillman.

This book re-imagines the creation account from Genesis with stunning, immersive art that draws you into each page – look closely as there is more to each illustration than you may realise. Tutu’s lyrical text communicates that God is full of love, delight and joy in his creation, of which we are very much a part! Enjoy with both younger and older children as a launchpad to imagining where you are in God’s creation and what wonderful thoughts he is thinking about you right now!

Certainly a book to treasure and read over and over.

Stunning imagery in both word and art!