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When children hear three stories read out loud to them each day it benefits their development so much. Why not make sure one of them is a high quality bible based book to aid their spiritual development too!

Discover a recommended book each month to consider finding at the library, online or purchasing to add to your home collection.

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July: This month’s book is full of colour and life and inspiration! ‘When God Made You’ by Matthew Paul Turner and illustrated by David Catrow is a super read. 

It’s lilting rhyme and rhythm will draw you and your child into an experience of discovering God’s incredible heart for you. The focus of the book is that each of us is created, known, chosen and unique and we can be confident to be fully ourselves because God has made us in his image. The text urges us to consider our talents and gifts and to explore using them and being creative; to dream big and not hold back!

The bright illustrations splash across each page showing the journey of a small child as she brings light and colour to those around her. There’s plenty to explore with your child to spark conversations on kindness, creativity, love and most importantly God’s heart for us.

A great read for ages 4-8!

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