Itinerary and Events


Upcoming Events:


Previous Events:

2nd March 2019: Liverpool Toolkit 2019. Hope Community Church, Aintree. Sharing a breakout session on ‘Empowering Families to Encounter God together’

24th March 2019: Birmingham Vineyard. Leading under 5’s session.

30th March 2019: Temple Days 2019. St Chad’s Church, Romiley. Sharing interactive workshop for children and leaders on ‘Adventure Times; using your imagination to meet with Jesus’

15th May 2019: Elim Leaders Summit 2019, Harrogate Exhibition Centre. Leading a seminar on ‘Enabling Under 5’s to connect with God’

7th-9th June 2019: Kings Church Hastings. Weekend with Powerpack training Under 5’s leaders.

28th June 2019: All Saints, Hoole. Terrific Toddlers Day!

30th June 2019: Birmingham Vineyard. Leading under 5’s session.

13th July 2019: Ivy Church Venue, Manchester. Adventures With Jesus Family Fun Launch event!  Free family fun connecting with Jesus and learning about Adventure Times: a wonderful prayer tool!

29-31st July 2019: European Leaders Alliance Life Church Bradford. Adventures with Jesus stall packed full of resources!

21st-26th August 2019: Rivercamp 2019, Evesham. Leading the Under 5’s venue!

16th November 2019: Leading children’s sessions at the Eden Teams Day at The Message Trust, Manchester.

17th November 2019: Birmingham Vineyard. Leading under 5’s session.

25th January 2020: Gas Street Brimingham. Leading under fives sessions.

5th March 2020: Formby Elim. Training session for children’s leaders.

6-7th March 2020: Powerpack Conference. Under fives training seminars for leaders.

27th March 2021: Broadmead Community Church. Online Adventure Time Training