Encounter Fun

Encounter Fun:

multi-sensory ways to explore faith and bring God into the everyday

Encounter Fun packs are full of engaging, multi-sensory ideas for parents and carers and their children to get closer to Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit through playing, praying and exploring together!

There are multiple ways to use Encounter Fun: within a children’s ministry setting, at a family fun event, at toddler groups and in the home!

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Why not try out some Encounter Fun ideas with your child:

children's hand and chalks
You are important to God!

God knows my name

Isaiah 49:16 (NCV) I have written your name on the palms of my hands.

Everyday Resources: paper, card, opened-up insides of cereal boxes, chalks, crayons, pens.

  • Get creative and use crayons, chalks or pens and write your child’s and your name on large cardboard or paper.
  • Have fun together decorating around your names with different colours, lines and shapes, plus any stickers or sequins you may have.
  • Point at your child’s name and read it out.
  • Say that Daddy God knows their name. He loves them and knows them so well.
  • Write His name on too and others in your family and friends.
  • Say: ‘Did you know Daddy God knows our names? We are all so special to Him!’
  • Stick your sheet of names up and keep reminding your child of this truth.
  • Try a simple Shout Out: ‘Who knows your name?’ ‘Daddy God!’
  • Pray for this truth to be planted in their heart!

neon lights in the dark
Light in the dark!

Jesus is changing me!

2 Corinthians 3:18 (NCV) We all show the Lord’s glory, and we are being changed to be like Him. This change in us brings ever greater glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.

Everyday Resources: light up or colour-changing toys or LED candles

  • Play with and explore any light up or colour-changing toys or LED candles you may have. Chat about the colours you can see and explore dark and light together.
  • Point out any that are changing colour! Say the colours to your younger child and help them to say them or point to them.
  • Encourage an older child to create a light display for the whole family to enjoy. How can you make it brighter? Which colours can you see? Which is your favourite? How does that change the effect? That’s so impressive…
  • As you explore and discover, tell your child ‘Did you know that God is changing us to be like Him? He wants to transform us, just like this light changes or affects the room.’ Share any ways that God is changing you.
  • You could speak truths like ‘I show God’s glory’, ‘Jesus is changing me’, ‘I am being changed to be like Jesus’, ‘God’s glory is growing in me’…
  • Insert your names into the bible verse above to release more truth and hope within you!
  • Pray for anything specific you’d like to see transformed in your lives or anything Jesus is highlighting to you.
  • Pray for your child to grow in awareness of God being with them, all around them and in them. Pray for them to experience His transforming power and light in their lives.

bright autumn leaves
Beautiful Colours!

Seasonal Colour Hunt

Psalm 34:8 (NCV) Examine and see how good the Lord is. Happy is the person who trusts him.

Everyday Resources: a bucket or basket, wellies or boots, tray

  • Choose a time when you’re not in a hurry to go on a colour treasure hunt with the child in your life.
  • Engage their interest by either setting a challenge to find a certain number of things of the same colour or one of all the colours of the rainbow or involve them in devising a hunt for the whole family!
  • Choose something to collect items in and pick your spot for the hunt.
  • Add a time limit challenge for more excitement for older children and set ground rules on what can and cannot be collected! Draw or make a note of things that can’t be taken away.
  • After the hunt spend time exploring what’s been found with your senses and wonder together: I wonder why you chose this… What do you like about it?  What can you see, feel, hear?  I wonder which is your favourite?  I wonder which is Jesus’ favourite? Describe this to me… Tell me about God’s wonderful world…
  • Be thankful for your time exploring. Encourage wonder and appreciation in your child. I wonder what hunt we could go on next…

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