Check out these stories of what Jesus has been up to! I hope they inspire and encourage you as you seek to help children encounter Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Building a friendship with Jesus: Here are some responses children had to an Adventure Time simply imagining being in a favourite place with Jesus; listening to and interacting with Him:

  • I saw a picture of the cross and God showing me what Jesus had done.
  • I was up a tree I love to climb, and Jesus came up to me and showed me the universe and His love was bigger than it.
  • Jesus found me in my caravan and gave me a special chair I can sit in to talk to Him.
  • I was in a forest and Jesus came to me and gave me a key. It opens a door to a cave that took me to heaven.
  • I went to heaven and saw choirs of angels singing. Jesus told me I was free to be here and enjoy it!
  • I was in Minecraft building and Jesus asked me to build with Him.
  • I was worshipping Jesus. He took me to Antarctica and showed me the mountains.
  • I heard Jesus say ‘Don’t give up on what you love!’
  • Jesus said ‘Don’t be afraid of heights because I am there to support you’.
  • I heard a booming voice say I will be a preacher.
  • I went to Las Vegas and as I walked to the beach Jesus was there. Then we walked on the water all the way back to Congleton, UK!
  • I was playing football with Jesus and we scored lots of goals. He was helping me. I love to play football!
We can play with Jesus too!

From a mum at River Camp: I loved the work of Sarah and the team who looked after and taught my three year old at Rivercamp this year. I’m so grateful my child was in safe hands which enabled me to be free to enjoy the worship and teaching too. My son experienced the Holy Spirit and learned about Father God and Jesus. The team gave me updates and prophesied over him too. Recently someone asked him who lives in his home. He said the standard family members and told them God lived there too! They said if God lives in your home where does Jesus live? He replied without hesitation ‘Jesus lives in my heart’!

River Camp!

3 year old’s Adventures with Jesus: Just thought you might be encouraged to see what Caleb (3.5) has been hearing from God, as he’s been getting used to going on adventures with Jesus. I try and illustrate each picture he tells me God gives him so that as he gets older he has a visual record of all the ways he caught from God. In the future, he’ll be able to look back and see God was chatting to Him even while still quite young. Since starting to do the Encounter Fun postcards with him at home, he regularly asks me if we can go on an adventure with Jesus. Thanks for all you do to lead kids and families into encounters with The Lord!