Letting Go - Adventure Time and Testimonies

Sarah Cornthwaite · May 2024

Give all your worries and cares to God, because He cares about you

1 Peter 5:7 NLT

This is such good news! We can give ALL, not just some, of our worries, cares, burdens to God... We can let them all go to Him. Because of His great love and care for us.

Would you like to give your worries to Jesus?

Here's one way: Take a breath and slow down...

Imagine you are with Jesus in your favourite place.

Think about anything that is getting you down or feeling like a burden.

You could picture yourself holding it in your hand, feeling its weight and then, when you are ready, handing it over to Jesus.

See, hear or feel what Jesus does with it and what He is saying and showing you.

Does He give you anything in return?

Give yourself time to let go and also to receive. How do you feel now?

Tell someone else or write or draw about your letting go experience.

I'd love to hear about your letting go testimonies. Do send me your stories or pictures to sarah@adventureswithjesus.co.uk

Here are some testimonies of children letting go of their worries and cares to God...

  • As I gave my worries to Jesus I felt His hand. It was live! It was real.
  • I saw doves holding a basket and Jesus put my worries in and it went up to heaven!
  • Jesus took my worries to the cloud bin and then into the sun.
  • I gave my worries to Jesus and He sent it into space. It went to Jupiter.
  • I said to Jesus 'Take this worry and it’ll be gone for ever.' He took it away. God came and held my hand and said 'Whatever worry you have, give it to me.' I could really feel His hand!
  • My worries went in Jesus’ jar!

You can listen to a Letting Go Adventure Time on my Podcast

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