Encounter with Under 5’s!

Do you want to share and explore faith in Jesus with your young child but you’re not sure where to start? Are you wondering how to pray with your child or how to talk about God in a way they can access? Are you involved in children’s ministry with under 5’s and want to bring God’s kingdom to them in a real way?

Play is a key access point! Children learn through play, it’s how they make sense of the world around them! Multi-sensory play which uses lots of their senses is even more beneficial. Why not try the Encounter Fun ideas here and get your hands on the Encounter Fun Parent’s Pack here! Or buy the Encounter Fun pdf version for a toddler or church group here.

Encounter Fun will inspire and encourage you to show how much fun faith in God can be to a child!

Each activity in the new Parents Pack is specially worded for a parent or carer to use in the home with a child. There are 20 fun, multi-sensory, play-based activities on 10 double-sided postcards in a handy zipper wallet! Get playing and exploring with the child in your life!


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