Jar of love

Sarah Cornthwaite · March 2020

In these uncertain times, when so much is changing so rapidly, we can hold onto God's love. He never changes and neither does His character: 1 John 4:8 says 'God is love'. Can we help the children in our lives to grasp this wonderful truth and reality in this current season? Can we enable them to experience this deep and everlasting love so that whatever happens they can be secure in Jesus? YES, I believe we can!

I once had a sense of Jesus showing me his jar of love, as much as I took from it, it never ran empty! I shared this with a group of children in a local school as we explored the story of the feeding of the five thousand from Matthew 14:13-21. We discovered that though everything else ran out that day, like time, money, energy and food, Jesus' love and compassion did not. This was even whilst He was grieving, as he'd recently learnt of John the baptist's death. In this time of lack, pain and uncertainty Jesus drew on the deep love the Father had for Him, He did not withdraw from others, He reached out with love, solutions and provision. What an incredible example to us in these days!

Why not grab a moment with your child to read this intriguing account again or share it from a children's bible (it is in most of them). Give them a brief backstory of Jesus' grief and the needs all around Him and then wonder together about Jesus; the choices He made, the way He followed Daddy God, the heart He had for others, where He got his strength from and more... Listen to your child. What do they think, feel or notice about this account? Don't feel you need any answers, just explore it together.

You could respond in a number of ways

Pray for any areas of lack and need in your own lives. Bring them to Jesus. What is He saying or showing you about them. Where is His provision, solutions, encouragment? How could you come in the opposite spirit to worry, fear or anxiety?

Why not have an Adventure Time? You could get comfy, invite Holy Spirit to be with you and then go on a journey to visit Jesus' kitchen and look in His cupboards... see His jar of love for you, you can help yourself... what is Jesus saying, doing or showing you? Spend time with Him and share with each other. Why not draw and write about it too?

How could you help someone else in need? Ask Jesus for creative ideas and ways to do this in this current season. He has you perfectly placed in the lives of those around you to be a blessing and to show His abundant love and provision! Go for it!

Jesus said ' I came to give life—life in all its fullness' John 10:10 NCV

Imagine Jesus' abundant, overflowing love...

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