Plugging into God

Help your child to begin to get connected to God!

Chat: Talk with your child about how anything that needs power needs to plug in to that source of power! Otherwise eventually it will run out of energy and it won’t work – blank screen, no games, no fun show to watch, no music… Oh no!

Look: Search for things around the home or out & about that need to plug in to a power source! How many different ones can you find?

Think: Did you know that we need to plug into God’s power too? Did you know that God’s power makes us supernatural so we can do amazing things like Jesus did? Jesus was plugged into God’s power… I wonder how we can plug in too? Spend time wondering together…

Invite: Shall we ask Jesus to help us plug in and connect with God? You could read John 5:19 together to show how Jesus was always connected to Father God, or share an account where Jesus spent time praying on his own. (Matthew 14:23 for example)

Imagine: Let’s get comfy and ask Jesus to take us to Father (Daddy) God’s power room… Have a good look around. What can you see? What can you hear? What is Jesus doing? Ask him to plug you into God’s power and see what happens! This is an Adventure Time.

Wait: Give time for your child to meet with Jesus and spend time with him…

Share: Tell me about your Adventure Time with Jesus! What did you see, hear or feel? What do you now know about plugging into God? Always validate their experiences and share your own too! Help them to write or draw what happened so they don’t forget!

Grow: Regularly plug into God’s power. Help your child to check they aren’t running low on God’s energy and get connected every day! Look out for new opportunities to release this power to others as you grow in this.

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