The Hands of Jesus

Recently, I was having my own Adventure Time in my favourite place with Jesus, seeking what was on his heart when I felt like I heard Him say ‘Let me get my hands on your child’s heart.’

I was startled into asking Jesus what He meant and I saw an impression of His hands of love surrounding my child’s heart and I heard His whispered promise: ‘I will guard it, shield it, form it, nurture it, fill it, heal it, prune it, and send it to the Father.’

My Adventure Time continued to show me how my child’s heart would be protected by Holy Spirit and the angels on its journey of life. I felt the challenge of heaven to release my child to the Lord when I heard ‘The earlier I get my hands on their heart the better!’

I perceived this to mean giving children as much access, opportunity and encouragement to be with Jesus in different ways throughout their days. To let their relationship take off and blossom so they learn to recognise His voice and His presence for themselves. To nuture and validate and celebrate EVERY interaction between them. To truly listen to their spiritual experiences and know something profound and life changing is happening within them each moment they encounter Jesus.

To pray and believe and release their heart (and our own too!) into His loving, capable, powerful hands…

A prayer: Thank you Jesus that you are passionate about my child’s heart. Thank you that you love, fill, shield, heal, empower… their heart. Enable me to nuture and support my child to meet with you in new ways. Give me ideas and inspiration and opportunities to do this. I allow your hands to shape and guide their heart. I believe you are doing a wonderful work in them. Amen.

Look out for amazing things to come…

Let Me get my hands on your heart!

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